Oak Longcase Grandfather Clock

Oak Longcase Grandfather Clock

Code: Z5301


W: 19" (48.3 cm)H: 86" (218.4 cm)D: 9" (22.9 cm)


Eight day grandfather clock, c.1780-1820
Boxhall (Richard) of Godalming
11.5" arched and engraved brass dial
Strike/silent, seconds and calendar mechanisms
Hourly chiming
Oak case with brass finials 
All hands, weights, pendulum and hood glass are original.

The clock has been in the same house and family for many years and is in original unrestored condition.  The movement is relatively clean and has run well over the last three week test period.


The brass work is unpolished.
The trunk door lock is missing and the eschutcheon is later.
A small piece of the lh bracket foot is missing.

An ideal project and not too far away from being a handsome country timepiece.